Homework assignment #8 Sketchbookskool


“Visit a pub a and draw the body language of people you find there”

So I went to a pub..actually two pubs this afternoon. The first one was a very quiet pub near a public park. Older couples entered and ordered their coffee or wines. I still find it very strange that people after all these years of marriage go together to a pub and sit there for one hour or more not saying one word to each other. Instead they switch to the guy sitting at the next table and talk about other pubs.
In the second pub there was building up a tension. There was going to be a singing competition in the afternoon. By the time the competition started everyone realised that the singers got headphones on and only they could hear the music, and the crowd could only hear the (very bad) singing. That, in combination with much alcohol created some ‘atmosphere’.


About hochstenbach

I'm a digital architect reading and creating obfuscated Perl code at the Ghent University Library, Belgium. In my free time I enjoy playing honky-tonk piano, literature and creating cartoons and comics.

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