Homework assignment #9 Sketchbookskool


“Spend a few hours drawing one person. Follow them around make drawings. ”

I wanted to draw my wife, but she complained and said that I should draw the cat. But where was that animal? I grabbed  some cat candy and immediately she appeared from our bedroom. She likes to play a game where I throw a candy and she runs after it. This took her some while and gave me a chance to draw her in action. After this game she needed a rest. The next hour I tried to draw her with very fast 15-20 second sketches. She tried to sleep but kept an ear on all sounds in the room. At the end she was fed up with my drawing and turned her back to me. The sketches were done on an iPad with the Brushes app


About hochstenbach

I'm a digital architect reading and creating obfuscated Perl code at the Ghent University Library, Belgium. In my free time I enjoy playing honky-tonk piano, literature and creating cartoons and comics.

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